Editorial: We’re pleased Wisconsin took up Trump’s offer to be welcoming, inclusive

We very much appreciate Governor Tony Evers declaring Wisconsin will accept refugees wanting to settle here. If only it were that easy to achieve immigration reform.

In response to the Trump administration’s order requiring states and local governments to provide expressed consent to accept refugees Evers criticized the obstacles and said refugees are a part of the “fabric of our state.” Of course they always have been.

As it is President Trump is limiting the number of refugees admitted to this country next year to 18,000, so Evers’ action will likely not make much of a dent in the state’s labor shortages. The vitality of much of Wisconsin’s economy is dependent on immigrant labor. But it’s important to take a stand when the opportunity to do so arises. President Trump invited states to declare themselves welcoming and inclusive. We’re pleased Wisconsin is one of the states that took him up on his offer.

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