Editorial: We’re not all in this together right now

Editorial: shared concerns

MADISON, Wis. — It seems like a long time since the idea that we’re all in this together offered some solace.

It certainly doesn’t feel like we’re all in this together right now. The mayor and the police union are squabbling at a time we need them both to solve our public safety issues.

Protesters are targeting an ally in District Attorney Ismael Ozanne and the symbolism of the message is getting lost in the aggressiveness of the disruption. Our state government has given up on the coronavirus to the extent that Wisconsinites are on lists of unwanted visitors including Chicago.

We can’t agree on repairing the damage done downtown. And gun violence is a daily occurrence in the city.

Leadership is hard right now when every attempt to lead is met with resistance and obstruction. But we have an abundance of potential leaders in Madison. We need them to step up and then we have to work with them…together.