Editorial: Welcoming sports talk to the call for change

Editorial: shared concerns

MADISON, Wis. — A few years ago the WISC Editorial Board put on one of our agendas for the year an item questioning the role sports play in our society.

We asked if professional and college sports were getting a disproportionate share of dollars and civic attention and if it was worth all that. This week that conversation changed for good. And we mean good.

Athletes in the public eye, including coaches, admired and respected, taking principled stands and adding their voices to the call for justice and change are sending a powerful message about what really matters. Competition has some value. Games are fun and often a healthy distraction.

But there are more important issues and greater needs and athletes, appropriately led by the Milwaukee Bucks and Brewers acted. It’s not business as usual any longer. This movement is bigger than business, bigger than politics, and yes, bigger than sports. We welcome sports talk to the call for change.