Editorial: We need a complete count for the 2020 Census

A graphic for Neil Heinen's February 17 editorial

MADISON, Wis. — Every ten years in the United States we count ourselves. It’s a big project with a big outcome; equal and appropriate representation, adequate and fair federal and state funding and services, and a better understanding of who we are as a nation.

It’s important that we get a complete count, and that means we all have to play a role.

Monday community leaders from throughout Dane County launched a push for a complete census count. Challenges include finding willing workers to fill the thousands of census-taker jobs still open, and making sure our communities of color are accurately counted. Sadly there are elected officials who do not want our Latinx community counted for example. But they must be.

Forms can be completed through the mail or online. Census workers will follow up with those who don’t do either. All information is confidential. Help however you can, but by all means be counted.