Editorial: We must work together to address our shared concerns

MADISON, Wis. — Sometimes it feels like we can’t even catch our breaths, like events are coming at us from every direction. The world can feel untethered.

But we try. We have to.We still believe we can do this. We must. The battle against COVID-19 is still primarily one of individual responsibility. That’s not reassuring, but it’s what we’re faced with. So let’s all applaud and support the Tavern League and Restaurant Association accepting UW System President Tommy Thompson’s request for help in keeping returning students from risky behaviors.

And let’s help State Street business leaders reach their $300,000 repair, recover and reopening fund. And thank you Madison Community Foundation for helping with that.

The fight for social justice is going to be hard, although it will happen. Making progress on slowing the spread of the virus and supporting our local businesses will help in that fight. Because they are all shared concerns.