Editorial: We have to make demands for change

Editorial: We have to demand for change

MADISON, Wis. — We will never be the same. 

Thank goodness we will never be the same. Exposed by a public health crisis and the inescapable atrocity of another murder of a black man our nation’s inequality, injustice and inhumanity are being confronted in ways we’ve never seen before.

We believe the depth of commitment and resolve we are seeing is genuine. The movement we are witnessing is real and we need to understand and accommodate all of the actions necessary to accomplish it.

We also believe the responses we are hearing and seeing from every corner, from many if not elected officials, from civic and business leaders and from countless members of our community are expressions of a resolve to right wrongs, heal wounds and effect change. 

We cannot stop. We’ve not earned a rest. We must continue to publicly demand more change. But change is not just coming: change is here.