Editorial: We desperately need leadership that is bipartisan, collaborative

Editorial: We Need Healthy Citizens For A Truly Healthy Democracy

MADISON, Wis. — A response to the coronavirus, the equivalent of one half of the annual federal budget, was necessary and responsible.

Its impact was felt immediately. Of course politics entered into the equation and there is spending that is glaringly misplaced. Perfection is not something of which any Congress and especially this Congress is capable. But it was appropriately bold and comprehensive.

And it passed the Senate unanimously, the symbolic importance of which cannot be overstated. We as a nation desperately need leadership right now that is bipartisan and collaborative embodying the hopes of a fearful and sometimes skeptical citizenry. More tough votes are ahead and more investment especially in health care is needed. We’re looking to our Wisconsin delegation for that leadership and continued bipartisanship. If not now, it’s hard to imagine when.