Editorial: We are failing our children

Editorial: We are failing our children

The newest Annie E. Casey Foundation’s annual state-by-state measure of the health and well-being of our children is out and once again Wisconsin has the largest gap between the well-being of white and African-American children in the nation, and Latino, American Indian and Hmong children aren’t doing so well either.

Well, it’s been said better by others, but no child is doing well if all children are not doing well and our kids are not doing well.

Wisconsin advocacy group Kids Forward says federal and state cuts in investments in public education, accessible health care and safety net programs threaten not only kids and families but put the economic stability of the state in jeopardy.

Governor, state legislators — Wisconsin is the worst. We are failing our kids. Our economic stability is at risk. Is there anything that will convince you to stop calling each other names or trying to control professional athletes and do something to support our children?