Editorial: Ward Works For UW – Again

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Editorial: Ward Works For UW – Again

Meeting with UW Madison Chancellor David Ward last week was comfortable and familiar as you would expect from people who have talked together on and off for 15 years or so. As you know the former UW Chancellor agreed to serve again during the search for a replacement for Biddy Martin, a contentious departure that never sat right with us. But it is just so hard to imagine a better interim chancellor than Ward.

Because, there’s nothing “interim” about Ward. Never will be. That’s not how he works. Ward is here to get things done, to keep the UW Madison among the world’s elite universities, and most important to anticipate and prepare for the future. And Ward is doing just that, stressing educational innovation, blended learning, building skills of college students in science, technology and math and other concepts that will define educational reform in the 21st century. All with an eye to keep the UW vital, effective and unique. And all we’ve got to say is it’s a pleasure to support his work again.