Editorial: Urging the Madison School Board to rename school in honor of influential, beloved leader

MADISON, Wis. — The Madison School Board is poised to vote soon on renaming Glendale Elementary School in honor of Dr. Virginia Henderson, an influential and beloved leader in the African American community and a life-long educator who devoted 15 years of her career to working at Glendale.

She was also an administrator with Madison schools and was the founder of the African American Ethnic Academy.

Henderson was also an active community leader and philanthropist serving on numerous boards and community organizations. She was founding member of Women in Focus. In other words she was exactly the kind civic leader and role model we want our kids to know as inspirations. It will be a fitting tribute to Dr. Henderson’s contributions to Madison, its schools and its children to rename Glendale Elementary School in her honor. And it will be a source of pride for the Madison School District to have school named after Henderson. We urge the school board to bestow that honor.