Editorial: Time For Leaders To Step Forward

Editorial: Time For Leaders To Step Forward


The dispute between Meriter Health Services and UW Hospital is nuanced and complicated. Both sides have some valid arguments. And it fact this split may be irrevocable and permanent. But it is so destructive to the citizens of this community that we sure hope not.

Leaders from both sides have acknowledged they will have failed this community if they don’t resolve their differences. Yet negotiations have apparently ended. So we are calling on the members of the boards of directors of both Meriter and UW to pull the two parties back to the table. It’s possible a third party could play this role. But the members of these are boards are well known and respected community leaders.

They have proven records of stewardship of Madison and its citizens. We believe they can see the pain this is causing tens of thousands of people and the harm done by a public battle that is more about money than patient health.

Perhaps this is the future of health care. But Madison has always done better. We think it still can and it should. We ask our leaders to step forward.