Editorial: Time For Kids — Healthy Lifestyles For Kids

By Neil Heinen Editorial Director


We got an email from Dr. Clay Dean at the UW School of Medicine and Public Health after he saw our Time For Kids editorial on childhood obesity. It turns out Dr. Dean created a program during medical school called “Healthy Lifestyles for Children, The New FAD That Will Stay.”

FAD stands for Fitness, Attitude — toward drugs and alcohol — and Diet. What really caught our eye is that it’s a presentation high school students are taught to make to third- to fifth-graders. So it’s got the “cool” factor. It’s interactive and fun, children get a diploma and a picture of each in a white coat. And the materials are online at the Med school’s website, so any school can get access to the information and start a program in their schools.

We love the idea and applaud Dr. Dean for his work and for making us aware of it. It’s a great example of just what we expect to find during our yearlong examination of this important issue.