Editorial: The Wisconsin Idea, just when we needed it

Editorial Agenda Shared Concerns Coronavirus

MADISON, Wis. — Just as our desire for information about COVID-19 we can access and trust has ramped up a new resource has been introduced by a team of more than 30 UW-Madison faculty, staff and students that is both accessible and fact-based.

It’s a free desktop and mobile app called COVID-19 Wisconsin Connect and it’s a one-stop site for information, resources and social support about COVID-19.

Unlike a lot of sites COVID-19 Wisconsin Connect has real people, UW experts in this case, answering questions and seeking out accurate information. Online discussions will be moderated and the statewide scope of the project will include targeted outreach to folks with increased risk including older adults, Latinos and African-Americans. Former Gov. Tommy Thompson is among those endorsing and promoting the app. It’s easy to use and more tools will be added over time. The Wisconsin Idea, just when we needed it.