Editorial: The urgency of respecting, valuing black lives

Shared concerns

MADISON, Wis. — We’re learning.

This editorial board is learning. We have a lot to learn. We were wrong, and in particular, I was wrong. Our recent editorial seeking to extend the movement for justice for African Americans to include justice for all victims of bigotry, racism and hatred was at the very best wrong place, wrong time.

African Americans I know and trust and who were willing to reach out rightfully expressed their disappointment at the false equivalency of the premise of our argument the cause of justice and equality for African Americans was strengthened by creating a more just world for all.

We must not minimize in any way the urgency of respecting and valuing black lives and societal changes ensuring justice and equity and safety. It remains our hope that young people in particular will advance the cause of a more just world for all. But right now our focus must be ending the killing of black people by white people, whatever that requires.