Editorial: The state of DUI

State is not safe to drive, walk, bike in
Editorial: The state of DUI

At one point in the last 24 hours three of the 18 stories on the front page of Channel3000.com were about people arrested for diving drunk and a fourth had all the appearances of the same. 

Two were fourth offenses and one was a 9th offense. It caught our attention not because of the number, but because of how often the news is dominated by this state’s defining illness and crime. OWI, DUI, drunk driving, whatever you call it, the epidemic continues in Wisconsin.

Responsible policies having to do with alcohol abuse and drunk driving are just among many our elected leaders are ignoring as they focus all their attention on money and controlling power, but perhaps when they get around to governing again they can work with experts to figure out how to keep an 8-time drunk driver from driving drunk again.

This state is not safe to drive in, bike in or walk in.