Editorial: The need for multi-faith voices of protest and peace

Shared concerns

MADISON, Wis. — Perhaps the most surprising, and reassuring, element of Sunday’s protest downtown organized by the African American Council of Churches was the size of the turnout.

The various faith communities represented drew several thousand participants in a peaceful but powerful display of solidarity protesting police killings of black men.

One of the things it illustrated for us was the value in multiple entry points for demanding justice and equity for African Americans and that’s important. There’s a need for expressions of anger and grief. There’s a need for a sense of urgency. There is a need for multi-generational and multi-cultural participation in the movement.

There is a requirement for white voices and white action. Faith communities and their traditions of non-violence offered another avenue for people more inclined to that manner of activism to participate in the movement. And for that we are grateful to faith community leaders and organizers.