Editorial: The hard work begins for Edgewood High School

Editorial: Now the hard work begins

MADISON, Wis. — Tuesday’s vote by the Madison City Council repealing the master plan for the Edgewood Campus on Monroe Street among other things allows Edgewood High School to host games on its athletic field.

How many, when and what kinds of improvements to the field are necessary and justified remain to be determined. And it is our expectation that the school will consider the neighborhood as it makes those decisions.

Repealing the master plan was the right decision. It was unfair and unworkable. But the hard feelings on both sides are a truly unfortunate result of a yearlong battle that seems to us could have been handled better by a lot of folks. Edgewood is a tremendous asset to our city. The Monroe Street neighborhood is home to a lot of citizens who care passionately about their community. Both entities should care about and support the other. We hope to see some indication of new efforts at cooperation and collaboration moving forward soon.