Editorial: The Giving Season

United Way and Community Shares campaign underway
Editorial: The Giving Season

The most recent paychecks here on Raymond Road included the annual forms for contributing to the United Way and Community Shares campaigns. And since that may be true for you as well, or will be in the next few weeks, we thought we’d take the time to ask you to join us in supporting these organizations and the member agencies they support and that provide such valuable services to those of us lucky enough to live in Dane County.

We’re making a real effort to increase the percentage of folks who work here to contribute with the idea even small donations add up to big support for work that can best described as life supporting. I honestly don’t know where we’d be without United Way and Community Shares so please help if you can. The need is so great. We know you know that. And again, even a little bit helps. Joins us in making Dane County a great place to live for everybody.