Editorial: The Crime Of Silence

Penn State University report on sex abuse is damning
Editorial: The Crime Of Silence


If it was possible for the sexual abuse scandal at Penn State University to get any worse it did last week with the release of the findings of an investigation into the sexual abuse of boys over a 15 year period by now jailed coach Jerry Sandusky.

The report was ordered by the university, perhaps the only thing the school has done right in this case, and it is thorough, detailed and damning.

But here is the clearest message from the 267-page report — silence. The decision to not report a case of abuse is the worst response a person can make.

There is no question but that the decision by a handful of people to not speak up and report Sandusky’s abusive behavior allowed it to continue and even more boys were victimized as a result. This is a disgusting litany of crimes in so many ways but none more than the silence that was the real crime against victims who could have been protected.