Editorial: The common sense, safety of wearing a mask

editorial shared concerns coronavirus

MADISON, Wis. — Well it took a little longer than we would have liked, but beginning Monday we will all be required to wear a mask in enclosed buildings where other people are present.

As a result fewer people will get sick from the coronavirus, the spread will slow and our community will reopen faster. Oh, and fewer people will die. Not bad, eh?

Now, just because requiring masks is smart and safe and selfless doesn’t mean everyone is going to like it. More important there will be some folks who can’t or shouldn’t wear a mask. Accommodations will be necessary. But if we are all a little patient, a little courteous, and resist the urge to rush to judgement, this doesn’t have to be a big deal.

Health care experts are unequivocal, wearing a mask protects all of us. Thanks for the order Public Health. And thanks to all of you for complying.