Editorial: The collaborative response we’re seeing is positive, addressing our shared concerns

Editorial: Open Government To Our Democracy, Fundamental Freedoms Is As Vital As Ever

MADISON, Wis. — Our collective needs are certainly great right now, for information, for resources and for reassurance.

And so much is happening so fast we are all constantly flirting with overload. We don’t want to overwhelm you further. But it’s hard to keep up and a lot of the collaborative response we’re seeing is positive and is addressing our shared concerns.

Examples include community centers arranging meal deliveries and drive-thru food pantry service, and check-ins with vulnerable families and older adults. Send them a check if you can please. Businesses continue to step up in so many ways. Wednesday Epic dropped off 10,000 pounds of food at Badger Prairie food pantry and that’s just one example.

Local governments are stepping up to support both. Dane County has booked hotel rooms to ensure safe lodging for homeless families. The Wisconsin Economic Development Corporation is targeting grants to small businesses and the Governor has requested small business federal loan assistance. And the city of Madison is partnering with the Chamber of Commerce on ways to support local businesses. It all adds up and it makes a difference.