Editorial: Thanks for budget work Madison, Dane County

Editorial: Thanks for budget work Madison, Dane County

It’s a good week for reflection in search of things for which to be thankful in a world in some considerable turmoil in 2017. But there is still plenty of good stuff happening and yes some of it even includes much-maligned governments.

Over the past few weeks the city of Madison and Dane County have both passed budgets for 2018 that strike us as appropriate and responsible. Remember these are plans for using as few of our tax dollars as possible to provide as many of the services we want and need as possible and both budgets strike a pretty good balance.

Mayor Soglin and County Executive Parisi offered well-reasoned proposals and the City Council and county board dealt with them well. And they did it civilly and that hasn’t always been the case.

So we’re thankful to live in a community where government works in the best interests of the citizens. What a contrast.