Editorial: Thanking Superintendent Belmore once again

Superintendent Jane Belmore
Dr. Jane Belmore

MADISON, Wis. — Jane Belmore retired from the Madison Metropolitan School District last week… for the third time.

And we are so appreciative, again, for her willingness to serve a learning community she so clearly loves.

Belmore has been a steadying, calming, guiding force during two terms as interim superintendent. During both she not only bridged gaps between superintendents but led the district through some unexpected, tough issues. She held things together, as you would expect. But she also moved the district forward in important ways which you might not expect.

Civic leaders work under microscopes intensified by social media and incivility, which is why so few are willing to step up anymore. Belmore did it anyway. Twice. She seemed well-suited to the job, but it wasn’t easy. She was there when we needed her. And we thank her deeply for that. Again.