Editorial: Telling your legislator to put politics aside, work with each other

Editorial: What We Can Do To Help Others

MADISON, Wis. — Contacting your elected state representatives is likely not high on your list of priorities right now.

But in the interest of your health and welfare and that of your families and fellow citizens, we urge you to consider it. And the message is this: Your only focus must be to fully support the essential work of caring for the sick, keeping as many people as possible from getting sick and making sure citizens have the services and resources they need to get through this crisis.

Gov. Evers has proposed a second major legislative package. Republicans have their own plan or part of a plan and little to nothing is getting done. Wisconsin doesn’t even have a plan yet for federal resources that have been approved and are on the way. We can’t say this strongly enough: This is no time for politics. The inability to agree on a response to this health care crisis is adding to uncertainty and fear. Worse, it is putting lives at risk. So contact your legislator, now if you can, and tell them to put politics aside and work with each other.