Editorial: Taking measures to save the earth our kids are inheriting

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MADISON, Wis. — The last issue on our 2020 editorial agenda of shared concerns is the environment, and boy is it ever a shared concern.

Young and old, but especially young, rural and urban, those who believe the science and even those who don’t are concerned about increasingly dramatic and destructive weather events and their impact on our planet.

Climate change is real and it is a crisis. Incredibly the United States has abandoned the rest of the rest of the world in slowing and eventually reversing climate change, which leaves to cities, forward-thinking business and citizens acting together to work of saving the earth our kids are inheriting. We will support that work in every way we can, both carbon reduction and readiness for the temperature changes, storms, droughts and fires to come.

Without addressing this issue the importance of all our other issues is minimal. Some final thoughts on our agenda for the year in our next editorial.