Editorial: Supporting arts for our hearts

Editorial Agenda Shared Concerns Coronavirus

MADISON, Wis. — The arts feed our hearts and souls.

We need the arts in our lives and we need the arts to help us get through a global pandemic. Because they will.

Dane Arts Director Mark Fraire certainly knows this. Fortunately County Executive Joe Parisi does as well. Wednesday Parisi increased funding to the Dane Arts Need Grant program by $122,000. That’s amazing, necessary and smart support for working artists whose performances and workshops have been canceled that will allow them to create online galleries and exhibits and performances.

The grants will help perhaps a hundred or more artists survive this crisis. But you know who will benefit the most? Us. The beauty, the depth, the provocative, the magical, the heartfelt and heartwarming works will help us survive this crisis. Thank you artists for doing what you do. And thank you Mark Fraire and Joe Parisi for supporting them and us.