Editorial: Still Waiting For Work

Too few jobs again this Labor Day.
Editorial: Still Waiting For Work



It’s a little counter-intuitive to talk about an economic recovery as dragging on, but clearly this one is. And as we navigate the political campaign rhetoric at its most obfuscating, the Center for Wisconsin Strategy has provided its annual Labor Day service of putting data to the claims. Specifically, Wisconsin still needs about a quarter of a Million jobs just to get back to pre-recession levels, median family income has fallen over a ten year period for the first time in 6o years, the number of students in Wisconsin who qualify for free or reduced cost lunch has risen dramatically, and Wisconsin has the worst African-America unemployment rate in the nation.

Things are getting better, but not fast enough. Our advice is to ignore the presidential race, focus on Congress, and demand answers from the people who can really make a difference…if they have the compassion and the courage.