Editorial: Steve Goldberg & Madison

Forty years and counting.
Editorial: Steve Goldberg & Madison



Great cities have more than their share of people who love them. These are people who hold the values of the city and the needs and assets of its citizens dear and puts in the personal and profession time and energy to protect them and advance them. Steve Goldberg is one of those guys, and if you know Steve – and it seems to us like EVERYBODY knows Steve – you know what we mean.

Steve Goldberg is celebrating 40 years at CUNA Mutual, most of those years as head of the CUNA Mutual Foundation. Which means he’s had his hands in directing the company’s and its employees’ philanthropic efforts. And you can bet there’s been a fair amount of Goldberg sensibility and values and vision thrown in for good measure.

CUNA Mutual is one of this community’s bedrock companies. It’s contributed a tremendous amount to Greater Madison. Steve Goldberg’s been right in the middle of it all, to the benefit of the company and city he loves.