Editorial: Step Forward For Kids

WCCF fundraiser for safe, healthy children.
Editorial: Step Forward For Kids




The Wisconsin Council on Children and Families is one of this state’s foremost advocates for kids. I was tempted to use our 2012 Editorial Agenda Time for Kids item for this editorial but we want you to make the connection between WCCF and Wednesday’s important fundraiser for the organization. It’s called Step Forward for Kids and it’s at the sculpture garden atop the Madison Museum of Contemporary Art. There’s a silent auction, two scholarship awards for high school seniors, and awards to State Representative Tamara Grigsby and US Senator Herb Kohl for all they’ve done for children.

WCCF is all about making this state a safe, health, economically stable place for children to grow up. Their list of sponsors and benefactors is impressive but your help would mean a lot to them and to us. It seems like children may be the last to recover from this recession which is absurdly cruel. WCCF is making a difference and we’d define it as truly making time for kids.