Editorial: State of injustice

Editorial: State of injustice

Yesterday we wrote about the state’s appalling neglect of children in Wisconsin, especially children of color. Today we draw your attention to another crisis; an equally appalling and dangerous neglect of Wisconsin’s criminal justice system.

Conditions at the troubled youth prisons, troubles we’ve known about for years now, are so bad that staff there fear riots in the near future. Meanwhile staff shortages in the Dane County District Attorney’s office, shortages we’ve known about for even more years now, are so bad District Attorney Ismael Ozanne may have to decide some cases will not be prosecuted.

We don’t know how to get around this: Republicans control the governor’s office, both houses of the state Legislature and yes, the Supreme Court. These travesties of justice are occurring under their watch. Our priorities in this state are seriously messed up. And no one in power seems to be able to do anything about it or, frankly, to care.