Editorial: Smoke-Free Is Working

Study shows healthier homes too.
Editorial: Smoke-Free Is Working



Social changes these days are often accompanied by wild predictions of success or dire consequences. Sometimes a little good old fashioned research is welcome. This week the Wisconsin Medical Journal released a study of the effects of Wisconsin’s two year old smoke-free law and the results leave little room for doubt. The new law has reduced exposure to second hand smoke outside the home from 55 percent to 32 percent and reduced exposure to smoke inside the home from 13 percent to 7 percent. Previous studies show improved bartender health and better air quality in bars and restaurants.

So, not only are work places healthier, but more homes are going smoke free and that benefits smokers and non-smokers alike. It might be helpful during the ongoing health care debate to remember that it is possible to improve health overall through education and smart policies. Smoke-free is clearly working.