Editorial: Sharing One’s Fruits

Community Action Coalition will pick it for you.
Editorial: Sharing One’s Fruits



As we make the Labor Day transition from summer to harvest, we have an idea for all of you with gardens and fruit trees bearing more than you know what do with. Donate your excess produce to local food pantries. We even know folks who will come pick the stuff for you.

The good folks at the Community Action Coalition have gleaning crews available who will come to your gardens, pick the fruit, gather the produce and make sure it is safely transported and stored. Then it will go to local pantries and other feeding agencies at no cost. This is doubly important this year because not only are pantries in great demand and having trouble keeping their shelves filled, but the early spring and late frost have affected commercial crops so the usual supplies are reduced. This is one of those win-wins that just make so much sense, including offering healthy food choices families otherwise wouldn’t have.

If you’re interested call Chris Brokel at 246-4730.