Editorial: Remove roadblocks to sexual assault kits

A graphic for Neil Heinen's editorial

MADISON, Wis. — One of the ugliest aspects of politics today is the work of party leaders to undermine legislation they don’t like even if it has the support of some of their own members.

A bi-partisan bill in the Wisconsin State Assembly is a case in point. In essence the bill would enable the State Justice Department to more quickly process sexual assault kits, aiding prosecution and resolving a backlog of unprocessed evidence. Victim advocates and criminal justice professionals support the original bill which had a Republican co-sponsor.

But as News 3 Now political reporter Amy Reid reported last week, a new version of the bill has provisions added by Assembly Republican leaders having to do with school choice and immigration. They are essentially poison pills Republicans know Democrats oppose that will kill the bill.

It’s petty and cowardly and a slap in the face to sexual assault victims and criminal justice professionals. And that’s politics today.