Editorial: Redistricting reform momentum

Editorial: Redistricting reform momentum

We’re not sure any results in the recent election make badly needed reform of Wisconsin’s redistricting process any more likely other than turnout. And voter turnout does indeed give us hope that fairer elections will arrive eventually.

The reason we say that is more and more citizens, voters, are saying they don’t like the rigged system for drawing Congressional and legislative district boundaries that currently exists, and they are more likely to vote for candidates who support reform.

That was one factor at play in Governor-elect Tony Evers win. But citizens have to keep the pressure on elected officials because those elected officials will do everything they can to keep their power and money that comes with it.

The civic activism on display earlier this month was healthy and encouraging. Voters want better government, more honest and fair government. They want a new redistricting process and our current crop of elected officials better heed the call.

Editorial: Redistricting reform momentum

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