Editorial: Ratchet it back

Editorial: shared concerns

MADISON, Wis. — And now of course it has gone too far.

The damage has gone too far. The violence has gone too far. The rhetoric on all sides has gone too far.

It is necessary that every discussion of the social turmoil of these times includes acknowledgement that police killings of black men must end and protests must continue until they do. We back away from neither.

But it does not diminish the commitment to change or the impact of the protests to demand they do not include violence and destruction.
We all have to ratchet it back. And that includes elected officials so oblivious to the truth they seek only the ugly political gain of blaming others.

But we all need to ratchet back the protests, the responses to the protests, the attacks on police and especially the violence against innocent citizens, or risk losing the justice for all we seek.