Editorial: Putting health before politics

Editorial: shared concerns

MADISON, Wis. — Republican state lawmakers, it seems you still have a little time to avoid the embarrassment of returning to session for the sole reason of obstructing the governor’s attempt to protect Wisconsin citizens from getting infected with the coronavirus.

As this editorial is being written Senate Majority Leader Fitzgerald has not yet ordered the senate to reconvene and Assembly Speaker Vos hasn’t said if he would agree to the move. So there’s time, even if there’s little hope.

We could easily chalk this up to the usual political hypocrisy if it were not so recklessly risking lives, lives that will be saved if we wear masks and follow public health guidelines.

We don’t expect Fitzgerald or Vos or Steve Nass or a few others to do the right thing. They don’t seem capable of it. But surely there are responsible Republican lawmakers who recognize what’s at stake beyond their leaders’ political ambitions. We need your courage and compassion now.