Editorial: Protecting Wisconsin’s water quality

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MADISON, Wis. — It was disconcerting to get a news release from Wisconsin Conservation Voters headlined “Assembly passes inadequate Water Quality Task Force recommendations.”

It wasn’t so much the claim that lawmakers would do the bidding of corporations over the well-being of citizens. We’re used to that. It’s that they have so little concern for human health they would ignore water quality at a time when we approaching a crisis.

We’re not talking about taxes or guns here folks. We’re talking about the water we drink and the pollution that is making that water unsafe. Polluters don’t like groundwater standards based on data and science. So the Wisconsin Legislature passes a bill to prevent the state from enacting those standards. That is irresponsible.

As you are well aware this is an election year. What’s more important than how your state representative voted on protecting our groundwater? We suggest you find out and vote accordingly.