Editorial: Protecting the rights of LGBT workers is historically significant, morally right

1-24-20 Editorial Agenda 2020 Shared Concerns 16×9 For Web Topics (2)

MADISON, Wis. — A week ago I got the usual aggrieved email from someone objecting to the display of the rainbow flag at the State Capitol in honor of LGBT Pride Month and it was a reminder of the antipathy towards gay people that still exists in our society.

And then Monday the US Supreme Court issued a landmark decision that affirms just how far we have come.

To be sure the ruling protecting the rights of LGBT workers does not eliminate discrimination against LGBT people. But it does state unequivocally that it is illegal. And that is historically significant and morally right.

There are concerns about the impact aspects of the various opinions might have on future cases. But that does not diminish the importance of the 6-3 bi-partisan majority decision. The ruling is based in the law. But to the degree it also reflects a more enlightened and compassionate citizenry is cause for celebration.