Editorial: Protecting each other

Editorial: coronavirus

MADISON, Wis. — Thank you, Gov. Evers.

Your emergency order requiring us to wear face coverings when indoors away from our homes was the healthy and right thing to do.

We know there will be push back. Regrettably some folks have made preventing the spread of the coronavirus a political issue. If Republicans choose to fight your order in court we’ll have to deal with it. But the order still carries weight and we need it.

The U.S. is the worst nation in the world in terms of dealing with this pandemic and Wisconsin’s spread is getting worse. Wearing masks and taking other sensible steps would have reduced both. It will help now.

The state’s chief medical officer is unambiguous: limiting interactions, social distancing, hand washing and face coverings are effective measures to limit the spread. And save lives. And get us back to normal sooner.