Editorial: Presidential Politics In Wisconsin

Citizens are ready for debates and appearances.
Editorial: Presidential Politics In Wisconsin



It’s not as if we haven’t gotten used to being the center of attention for observers of politics in America, but once again all eyes will be on Wisconsin as President Obama comes to Vice-Presidential candidate Paul Ryan’s home state for his first post-debate appearance. And while he will no doubt find the photo-op-perfect crowd response on Bascom Mall he’d also find important criticism of his debate performance, pro and con, all around this state. Because Wisconsinites have embraced their national reputation as political bellweathers and appear to be rising to the occasion.

There are plenty of pundits and others who have long considered Wisconsin a microcosm of American politics and perhaps the last two years have not so much redefined that role as reinforced it. Recent polls seem at odds with recent elections and we probably like it that way. At any rate President Obama…and likely challenger Mitt Romney soon, will find Wisconsinites who have watched the elections and want to hear what they have to say. Let’s hope that includes answ