Editorial: Prepare To Vote

Things are a little different.
Editorial: Prepare To Vote



We’re a little worried next Tuesday’s primary election is going to catch a lot of people by surprise. Some folks are unaware the election has been moved from September to August. Some are in new districts as a result of the redistricting plan that went into effect in June. So we urge you to get informed and talk to your family and friends and neighbors about the upcoming election.

First, you have until Thursday to vote early in person at your municipal clerk’s office. Or you can request a mailed absentee ballot, but make sure you can get one and get it back in time. Also you have until Friday to register in advance although you can still register at the polls if you wish. Have proper identification. We also recommend you visit the Wisconsin Taxpayers Alliance website at www.wistax.org for a particularly good column by Alliance president Todd Berry on how to make an intelligent, informed choice of candidates. Now’s the time to get yourself ready to vote.