Editorial: Precautions being taken for coronavirus are smart, called for

Editorial Agenda: Shared Concerns and Safety

MADISON, Wis. — The coronavirus outbreak is now a pandemic, a word we suspect will cause additional anxiety in folks.

But the World Health Organization also says that “doesn’t change what countries should do.” There are a number of newly added actions and precautions both locally and globally including the UW-Madison decision to suspend in-person classes for at least three weeks and more events being postponed or cancelled. All of that is smart and called for. We urge you to check with Channel3000.com regularly for updates.

Declaring coronavirus a pandemic means it is occurring over a wide geographic area affecting an exceptionally high proportion of the population. This will continue especially in the U.S. now that more people are able to be tested. But there is still no state of emergency in Wisconsin and the risk of getting sick from coronavirus remains low in Dane County according to public health officials. Keep washing your hands.