Editorial: Political Blacklists

Arrogant and small minded operatives.
Editorial: Political Blacklists



While there are some who argue political conventions are obsolete relics in a new technological information world you’d still be hard pressed to tell it by the number of reporters in Tampa and next week in Charlotte. Obviously WISC’s team is among them. Obviously we believe in open and unfettered coverage of politics. Unfortunately not all politicians or political operatives agree.

Last week the Romney campaign refused to allow a reporter from WTDY radio to cover an event for Republican US Senator Ron Johnson at Monona Terrace. The reason? Payback for WTDY radio personality John “Sly” Sylvester’s protest at a Romney Rally in Janesville. Forget the political party involved. Democrats have done it too. But this is silly and petty and wrong. It this isn’t just a failure to distinguish between news and entertainment. It’s an attempt to manipulate and control news coverage. It’s the antithesis of Democracy and a sorry tale of how arrogant and small minded politics has become.