Editorial: Paying tribute on Memorial Day

Don't take our freedoms for granted
Editorial: Paying tribute on Memorial Day

The looks on the faces of Egyptian citizens as they waited in line to vote this past week were among the many reminders of the promise of hard-earned democracy.

The daily death toll in country after country around the world is the reminder of the cost of that promise.

We Americans enjoy freedoms like no others. We tend to take that for granted, but we too must never forget what it took to win and preserve those freedoms, which is why our Memorial Day is so important.

In fact it might be helpful to step back a minute from the nasty, accusatory and one-sided political rhetoric of our times and remember that while we should not respect the behavior we should always respect our freedom to engage in it, and on this holiday pay the highest tribute to those who gave their lives for that freedom.

And may that bring us a little needed humility along with the appreciation and respect.