Editorial: Overcoming obstacles to recovery

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MADISON, Wis. — The road to recovery is going to have a lot of barriers.

The most serious and worrisome are the uncertain public health setbacks. But the list also includes frailties of human behavior, destructive politics and Supreme Court decisions.

Let’s not get hung up on the latest court ruling. The majority on the Wisconsin Supreme Court proved itself demoralizing and untrustworthy long ago. What we share now is the challenge of minimizing the damage inflicted by the court and other political ideologues. We find hope in the polls showing overwhelming support for continued public health and safety measures, the leadership of many local government officials and the steady hand of a governor focused on keeping all citizens safe.

We do ask Speaker Vos and Senator Fitzgerald to show the decency of working with the governor on a plan to help Wisconsin reopen smartly and safely. We are desperate for thoughtful, caring, selfless leadership right now. Please step up.