Editorial: Opioid addiction is now a national issue

Editorial: Opioid addiction is now a national issue

We know we should be disappointed that President Trump failed to commit the necessary funding to support his call to battle the opioid epidemic.

We should be critical of bold-sounding policy positions that fail to meet the recommendation of the President’s own opioids commission.

This problem is so large and so complicated that simply declaring a national public health emergency is woefully inadequate.

And yet, the widespread destruction of lives and families and now whole communities caused by drug abuse and addiction has never been recognized as a crisis of national magnitude before. Despite the illness’ disregard for victims’ age or gender or socio-economic status or zip code, and despite its costs in terms of dollars and human misery, the federal government has never declared publically and emphatically that opioids are a national health and safety issue.

Now it has. And we are grateful to President Trump for that, even as we hope that very soon he and other do so much more.