Editorial: Open government is open government for all

Of the many ways elected officials in Wisconsin try to wrest control of the government from the people whose government it is, rigged elections and drawing district boundaries are the most egregious and controlling the release of public information is the most insidious. Two recent examples of the latter have come to light recently thanks to open government advocates and local media.

The first is Representative Robin Vos’s absurd proposal to shield the names of lottery winners from being released to the public which would raise all kinds of legitimate concerns about lottery fraud. And the second is Governor Tony Evers’ unnecessary and wrong decision to exclude a conservative media outlet from receiving notices or attending press briefings.

The law, certainly the intent of the law is perfectly clear: open government is open government for all. It is what protects us from elected officials who think government is theirs. It’s not. It’s ours.

Editorial: Open government is open government for all

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