Editorial: One Big City

Chicago to Milwaukee (and then Madison)
Editorial: One Big City



A lot of the talk of the importance of the Interstate 94 corridor between Madison and Milwaukee starts here in Madison. But truth be told perhaps the most important stretch of that corridor actually starts in Chicago. And for the first time in anybody’s memory folks from both cities are actually talking to each other about their shared interests. And because this will ultimately affect Madison, we want you to know about it.

Next Tuesday the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel and Marquette University are sponsoring a day long conference on ways Milwaukee and Chicago can work collaboratively. Rest assured, no one is saying they will. But they can, and they should. The state line the separates the two is virtually irrelevant, and a Milwaukee-Chicago megacity, to eventually include Madison in a true regional metropolis, would be best suited to compete with other regions globally. We support the effort and look forward to next steps.