Editorial: Now we’re getting somewhere

Editorial: Now we’re getting somewhere

A nonstop flight between Madison and San Francisco is a big deal – a really big deal. City business leaders, economic development folks, entrepreneurs and others have been talking up the need for more direct flights to places where there are people with vision and money – think both coasts here – for a long time.

This new flight is a major indicator that Madison is arriving, if it hasn’t already arrived, on the tech scene.

What we like best is that United Airlines isn’t in the business of flying empty planes. The air carrier realizes that flyers are there in both cities and that it’s going to make money flying them back and forth – for fun, sure, but also for business.

As Madison Chamber of Commerce President Zach Brandon put it, the nonstop flight is more than just a transit connection. It “is an economic connection between the global tech capital and the world class innovation hub right here in Greater Madison,” he said.

Welcome aboard.

Editorial: Now we’re getting somewhere