Editorial: No More Excuses For Jobs Numbers

Who's got a plan?
Editorial: No More Excuses For Jobs Numbers



Late last week we were presented with the latest in a series of conflicting jobs numbers. The questionable accuracy of the data is troubling. But while conflicting reports inhibit accuracy there is no denying that any way you slice it the numbers are not good for Wisconsin and its citizens. So we ask the question, does anyone have a plan to grow jobs and put Wisconsinites back to work?

The excuses are just getting old. Nobody forced Governor Walker to promise to bring 250-thousand new jobs to Wisconsin by 2014. Since then we’ve lost 24-thousand jobs. Walker has blamed the recall and he’s blamed President Obama but where is your plan Governor Walker? What are you actually doing? Democrats have blamed Governor Walker, but they don’t have a plan either. Meanwhile Wisconsin falls further behind the rest of the country. It’s time to put politics aside and come up with a plan to create jobs and get people back to work.